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What Everybody Ought to Know About Cruise Ship Jobs

When cruising, the time used is often in days or weeks. With that span of time, you are usually on the sea sailing and relaxing. Still, there still is a question left unanswered. What makes the cruising enjoyable? Is it because of the facilities on the vessel, sceneries and countries explored, or the people who work in the ship? The measure on how much successful a cruise ship is depends on the answer to the question. The main factor is the people who were involved throughout the […]

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How to Travel the World to Over Fifty Countries on a Cruise Ship Like I Did

After three and a half years of cruising the world, mainly on the Queen Elizabeth 2, I ended up traveling to over fifty countries and six continents around the world. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a job on a cruise ship, then keep reading so I can share with you the secrets on how to do the exact same thing. Many people wonder what it’s like working on a cruise ship and are even more curious how to get a job on one. You might […]

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Cruise Jobs a Lucrative and Fun Experience

Many people have heard the old adage that a cruise ship is like a floating city, therefore, it is not hard to imagine that it takes hundreds of employees to run and maintain a cruise ship. Think of all the jobs that have to be filled just in the community where you live. It is the same way on a cruise ship. Basically, there are about 14 different departments on a cruise ship, with each department being responsible for hiring a particular group of employees to fill […]

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